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West Virginia Non-Compete Agreement Violation Lawyer

Understanding Non-Compete Agreements

Many companies whose business is extremely competitive may require their employees to sign what is known as a "non-compete agreement." These contracts usually require that an employee refrain from working for a rival company or business, or refrain from starting a competitive business, during their employment or within a certain amount of time after the termination of their employment. In many cases, these agreements are part of the terms of employment, while other employees may be asked to sign the contract after they have already been employed. No matter which may be the case for you, if you have been accused of violating the terms of a non-compete agreement, legal strategies may be available to you.

I've been accused of violating a non-compete agreement. What now?

Even if you signed a non-compete agreement with your employer, there may be loopholes and exceptions to the terms in certain situations. For example, your employer is restricted as to how long they can require you to avoid competing with them, and they cannot enforce unemployment upon you through the agreement. This means that, if they terminate your employment and you are unable to find a new job aside from a competitor's company, you may have the right to violate your agreement.

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